If you are honest – do you know one area of life where reels are not used in some way or other, or would at least come handy? Here, we would like to introduce an application that is brand new in both senses of the word: Innovative entrepreneur Aron Geisel has developed the completely novel Tacbag hose management system for fire departments that allows the operational readiness of firefighters in a variety of deployment scenarios and a fraction of the usual time. As supply partner, we want to continue this success story together – and now a fascinating video will show you how this works.


STOLZ AUFROLLTECHNIK is a young and dynamic company. As one of the few specialists in Germany we are committed to the development, construction and production of intelligent reel technology. Today, we are the leading supplier of customer-specific reels for hoses of the most varied types and materials, for liquids and gases, and for the most diverse industries.

As a small but excellent company we focus on the development of individual solutions, as well as on the comprehensive consulting of our customers.